i am better near good food.

NENI Zurich Langstrasse serves eastern Mediterranean cuisine by the Molcho family. It's not shy about its intentions: Spread happiness. Show diversity. Create intensity.

Our lunch menu is different every week, always surprising and absolutely delicious! Typical NENI.


Lunch menu 22. - 26. Januar 2018



Vegetable salad with sesame dressing


Kohlrabi cream soup


Menu 1 - CHF 26


 Chicken shawarma with laffa bread, tahina, zhug and herbs salad


Menu 2 - CHF 25


Sea bream filet with root vegetables cream and marinated fennel


Menu 3 - CHF 20


Bell pepper filled with bulgur and raisins, served with greek yogurt


prices include a soup or a salad


Mini Dessert - CHF 5


Fudge brownie





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